Multi Volt Chargers

The MVC charger can be paired with batteries of any type, voltage and capacity,

at almost any temperature.

Conventional Chargers

Conventional battery chargers are designed to charge Lead-Acid batteries of all types & voltages.

Opportunity Chargers

It is a 100% Opportunity Charger utilizing an

Automated Dual Rate Charging Curve.


New Products

Conventional Chargers

Opportunity Chargers

High Frequency Chargers

LP Vs Electric Calculator

IGBT Hybrid Charger





Heavy Duty Rental Chargers

Battery Testing Equipment

About Eagletronic Chargers

Jamco is the worldwide distributor of High Efficiency Eagletronic Chargers that includes a complete line of chargers to fit every forklift battery and application from 110V plug in chargers  to high efficiency opportunity chargers. Jamco supplies a full range of chargers suitable for golf carts, scissor lifts and personal carriers.


Eagletronic Chargers come with 7 years warranty, full technical support available on-line and via telephone across North America & Europe in 7 different languages.